Breakfast is served on the terrace or in the annex [l’annesso] and is often accompanied by homemade cakes and pastries prepared by Maria Teresa. Guests often have the opportunity to enjoy fresh local ricotta, a perfect complement to honey and marmalade.

Our guests could not possibly experience a sweeter awakening than when Gino and Maria Tetesa serve breakfast on the terrace on the numerous sunny days in Le Marche. The terrace is also a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the ever-changing colors, fragrances, and sounds of the surrounding countryside.

In winter and on rainy days breakfast is served in the annex, from which our guests may enjoy the breathtaking view through a large glass door that
separates the annex from the terrace.
The annex is distinct from the rest of the house in that it is only on the ground floor and was built using local brick, typical of the farmhouses in the Le Marche region.