N 43" 31' 25.21 E 13" 19' 56.03 (43.523670,13.332230)

Casacorno is located in the hills between Jesi and Ancona in the Le Marche region of Italy. If traveling by car, we suggest exiting the Autostrada (A 14) at Ancona Nord. Then take the Superstrada (S 76) toward Rome, in the direction of Jesi-Fabriano, and exit at Monsano.

After leaving the Superstrada at Monsano, turn left toward Osimo at the stop sign and go under the overpass. After a few hundred meters, turn right toward Mazzangrugno. After a small bridge, follow the road uphill and then at the top of the hill turn left at the stop sign toward Agugliano-Polverigi, continue following the road as it goes downhill and uphill again and turn right onto Via Venetica. Continue on Via Venetica for approximately 400 meters, pass two farmhouses sitting side-by-side on your right, then turn right onto the first small country road. Continue along this small road, (white gravel road with a small street sign) for one kilometer and you will see Casacorno on the left, just after the curve.